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Links to information from the meeting held on September 12, 2008.

The agenda for the day

Chris Arcus

Chris talked about building the community. Within the group there's huge expertise and we can work together to harness this and to build ways of supporting schools. It's not about finding the silver bullet because there isn't one.

We're working to join the vision values and KCs of the NZC with the learning areas. We need to take the conversations out of the staffroom and into classrooms.

Chris also talked about what schools value and what they want. They want quality external support and of course they want time. They want to know other schools are doing and they to be able to develop ideas together in their staffrooms and between schools (clusters) We also discussed minsitry initiatives and how we need to connect them using the NZC as the connector.

Margaret Hardiman - secondary perspective

Schools Plus
Ka Hikitia
Pasifika education plan

Graham Collins - Giving effect to the NZC: a thinkpiece

What do we mean by school based curriculum?
Where are we now? Impressions
Where do we go next?

Rachel Bolstad's article on school-based curriculum development
Exploratory studies update - July 2008
Graeme Aitken
Guy Claxton
Curriculum mapping - Link to Heidi Hayes Jacobs book (some online) ASCD site