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Questions to ask when designing your school curriculum

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I think Kate's work is a much tighter design process - really useful. And Marg's concept is another example of thinking more tightly about process. In both cases, I think we get closer to a process that encompasses both the big visionary questions of the original Design and Review sheet and the really hard questions about how SBCD can integrate the visionary with the practical, theory with practice, ideas with school realities, thinking and doing. But I still worry away at the matter of the actual components of the SBC itself. It would be good to hear some other comments about Graeme's template, which he offered a starting point, for example. What do Kate and Marg think of it? Are their processes consistent with that outcome? And if not, what would have to change in Graeme's model? Love to all Margaret

Marg Lees work

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Graham's example

From Graham:
Possible Template for a School Scheme Based on the NZC

• to provide a framework for school based curriculum appropriate to needs of local students
• linked to school’s vision/mission in Charter
• aligned with the principles and values of NZC

• General objective is to provide all students in years_ to _ with effectively taught programmes of learning in----------------, ---------,
-----------------,----------------,------------, ------------, --------------- and--------------- as specified in the learning approaches section below.
• Specific achievement objectives for particular units of work will be selected by teachers from those set out in the appropriate sections of NZC.

3.Learning Approaches
• Strands in each learning area will be covered as follows:

• Links between learning areas will be explored as follows:

• Future focused issues will be explored as follows:

• The development of key competencies will be supported by:

4.Teaching Approaches
• The pedagogical approaches set out on page 34 of NZC will be applied as follows:

• The teaching as inquiry model set out on page 35 of the NZC will be applied as follows:

The key concepts and processes to be taught in particular years are as follows-
• Year X

• Year Y

• Year Z

• Our student assessment plan:

• Our teacher appraisal plan:

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What might a school-based curriculum look like?

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Graham has a question arising from our golf course meeting last week:

Given that some of us "over 50s" can remember an age (pre-1989) when in all primary schools there was typically a junior and senior school scheme and in secondary schools there was a department scheme in each subject, what can we take from those days that might help us as we plan a school-based curriculum?

Teaching approaches
Areas, themes, concepts

Do we need to gather together a group to brainstorm what a plan of a 21st "School Scheme" might look like?
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I agree we'll need to think about the 21st century equivalent of a "scheme". But it seems to me that a scheme should draw down the ideas in overarching school curriculum - and as that seems likely to be a different document from anything we have had before, a "scheme" is hard to imagine before we have some clear ideas about what the school curriculum might look like! For example, the components of a school curriculum might include a statement about the pedagogy to which the school commits itself, in order to deliver on some of the NZC principles - and in order to "model" some of the values, too. In which case, any scheme would have to take (from the school curriculum) pedagogy at the level of principle, and make it real in terms of classroom practice?
It would be really good to get together to work on these ideas.
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