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From Graham:
Possible Template for a School Scheme Based on the NZC

• to provide a framework for school based curriculum appropriate to needs of local students
• linked to school’s vision/mission in Charter
• aligned with the principles and values of NZC

• General objective is to provide all students in years_ to _ with effectively taught programmes of learning in----------------, ---------,
-----------------,----------------,------------, ------------, --------------- and--------------- as specified in the learning approaches section below.
• Specific achievement objectives for particular units of work will be selected by teachers from those set out in the appropriate sections of NZC.

3.Learning Approaches
• Strands in each learning area will be covered as follows:

• Links between learning areas will be explored as follows:

• Future focused issues will be explored as follows:

• The development of key competencies will be supported by:

4.Teaching Approaches
• The pedagogical approaches set out on page 34 of NZC will be applied as follows:

• The teaching as inquiry model set out on page 35 of the NZC will be applied as follows:

The key concepts and processes to be taught in particular years are as follows-
• Year X

• Year Y

• Year Z

• Our student assessment plan:

• Our teacher appraisal plan: